Pastor Carolyn’s Conundrums:

We are in the midst of changing seasons.  A time when what has been dormant springs to life once again.  We are in that season in the church as well.  Lent is a time of preparation, doing the work to prepare ourselves and the church for the coming of Easter.  The word Lent comes from a word that means spring.  So Lent is a time to draw closer to God, a time for the passion for God that has been dormant in us to spring to life and transform us once again.

Did you know that for sharks to survive they have to keep swimming?  If they stop, their oxygen supply is cut off and they die.  We too must keep moving to not only survive but to thrive.  We are never quite there, there is always room for improvement, and always more that God is calling us toward.   This is what the sermon series for Lent is about.  It is about Change ahead.  The fact is that God calls us as individuals and as a church community to draw closer to him and his purpose for our life.  And to be faithful to that call requires us to spring forward.

This is never easy.  Some of us seem to be wired for change, natural risk takers.  While others of us cringe at the thought.  But we are all called to change and work together for the glory of God.

As I was writing this I was thinking about Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, that there is a time for everything.  One point of the scripture is to point out that seasons change and there is a time for everything.  Another point is that we are not alone in those seasons; God is there with us, guiding us, bringing us strength, comfort and hope.

Therefore, nothing God calls us toward is impossible and we are called to move beyond our own constructs to the future into which he is leading.